Frequently asked questions

1. Why don't you use secondary shopping sites like Teleflora, FTD, 1800-Flowers?             Web services such as those provide a great service, but unnecessary in this day of technological advances.   In order to provide you a high end product at a competitive price, companies such as those can take up to 60% off our bottom line, thus having to increase prices on our end.  Small businesses need direct to consumer to generate enough revenue to maintain a competitive edge.
2. Why can't I get the exact flowers I see online?                   As we will always do our best to keep up with trends and keep a large variety of stock we cannot always guarantee that there will be availability on all flowers at all times.  
3. Are you a brick and mortar business?                   Yes.  We have a physical location at 1409 4th Ave South in Denison, Iowa.
4.  Can you ship flowers?        We can ship flowers not in a vase or container.  We can ship flowers in a box.